About Legal Secretaries International Inc.

Legal Secretaries International Inc. was formed to respond to the educational and networking needs of legal secretaries as an affordable means of increasing their knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities.

Chartered in 1995

On April 27, 1995, the Texas nonprofit corporation was chartered and has recruited members in 35 states, D.C., Canada, England, Russia, India, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Argentina, with 22 affiliates. Affiliates of Legal Secretaries International Inc. are completely autonomous organizations, and their members may also be, but are not required to be, direct members of Legal Secretaries International Inc. Affiliates are required to have at least 10 members and pay a fee of $100 a year. The affiliate receives a copy of all publications of Legal Secretaries International Inc.

To see a list of our affiliates click here. To learn how to start a new affiliate organization or how an existing organization can become an affiliate, send email to the Vice President.

Aims and Purposes

Legal Secretaries International Inc. is an educational association for anyone presently or formerly employed in or interested in the legal secretarial profession. The preamble to the bylaws reads:

We are an educational association for legal secretaries Whose Members value ethics, professionalism, and continuing legal education.
Our mission is to increase the competencies of legal secretaries
So that they may better serve attorneys, courts, businesses, and governments.
Our Members include legal secretaries of all levels of experience
Who support their professional association with their time, talent, spirit, and resources.

The bylaws further declare:
The management of this corporation is to be in the hands of the Members.

Legal Secretaries International Inc. operates on a calendar year with one meeting a year in September or October in various cities. Annual dues are $60; meeting registration fee is $15, plus meals.


Five officers and seven directors are answerable to the members. Every member has a voice and a vote; proxy voting is available to those who cannot attend a meeting. Between meetings, members are encouraged to send ideas and suggestions to all officers and directors. Local, statewide, or regional groups may become affiliated associations, and cross-membership is not required.