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Career/Work Tips

Going Over 65 in the Law Office
by:  Sharon F. Beall

A Higher Education Is Virtually At Your Fingertips
by:  Laurie Brantley

by:  Sally Jarvis

The Interview
by: Edwina Klemm

Proud To Be A Legal Secretary
by: Carol Ann Wilson

Professional Telephone Skills
by: Bernell Lovett

Legal Office Manager's "Secret Weapon"
by: Alice Harris



Dissecting the Hobby Lobby Case
by:  Peter D. Miller

The Lawyer Must Hold Client Property As A Fiduciary
by:  Ferole L. Tingley

Acting for the Lawyer, Not As the Lawyer
by: Ferole L. Tingley


Change the World, Maybe Not
by: Patti Tittle

Of Role Models and Mentors
by: Edwina Klemm

True Believers
by: Edwina Klemm



A Member's Work
by:  Edwina Klemm

A Secretary's Prayer
by:  Author Unknown

How Our Membership Benefits Our Employers
by: Carol Wilson