by Alice Harris, CL§, KCL§

Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney

Louisville, Kentucky

            Any law firm's office manager need look no further than the legal secretary's desk for the best resource for pro-active office management. The legal secretary is in an excellent position to recommend money-saving and time-saving ideas. The legal secretary sees first-hand the consumption of paper, postage, energy, etc.

            An experienced legal secretary has mastered producing the greatest amount of work in the shortest period of time. He or she knows the quickest way to get something done and the manner in which to save costly resources. The office manager’s best bet is to keep an open dialogue with the legal secretaries of the firm and solicit their input into the day-to-day operation of the office.

            If management finds it necessary to cut back the budget on supplies, who better to ask where cuts can be made? The legal secretary. If a particular process in the office is too time-consuming or appears to be redundant, who would likely know what steps could be altered or eliminated? The legal secretary.

            Is your office going green? Your legal secretary knows the amount of energy being used, the amount of paper being utilized, and the supplies that can or cannot be recycled. He or she can no doubt suggest ways to conserve energy and reduce your office’s “carbon footprint.”

            I urge all legal office administrators to utilize the secret weapon that’s right in front of them--the legal secretary. It would also be advantageous to enroll your legal secretary in the Legal Secretaries of Louisville, an educational association whose members value ethics, professionalism, and continuing legal education. Its mission is to increase the competencies of legal secretaries, enabling them to better serve attorneys, courts, businesses, governments, and the Louisville Metro community.

            Meetings are held at 11:30 a.m. on the third Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at The Jefferson Club in the PNC Building at Fifth and Jefferson Streets. Benefits of membership include networking, training, resources, certification, recognition, friendship, and community service, as well as local, state, and national gatherings.

            Members include legal secretaries of all levels of experience who support their professional association with their time, talent, spirit, and resources. Each member resolves to provide the highest level of law-related support services through community service and continuing education. Membership enhances your secretary, which in turn enhances your office. Check it out at!