Change the World? Maybe Not.

 Patti Tittle

 Do you know (Iíve heard and do not know this from personal experience) that if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and turn the heat up gradually, he will not jump out of the pot and ultimately will boil to death? He is capable of jumping, but the subtle change is not alarming enough to motivate him to action before meeting his irreversible fate.

The first universal premise conceived by the ancient philosophers was that all things change. Change is relentless and keeps on occurring all the time. As a result, there always exists an urgent need to wake up before itís too late.

We are all stewards of our own talents, but sometimes they stay hidden because we havenít the motivation to let them out. Sometimes they are neglected and never develop to their full potential because we procrastinate, thinking thereís plenty of time to get around to it.

We all have many demands made on us for our time, talents, and treasure. How do you respond within the various levels of your life? Like the frog, are you insensitive to the passing of time and letting opportunities to contribute your talents pass you by? On the other hand, are you attentive to change and making the most with the time you have? These are certainly questions worth considering.

Within our association, there is so much unleashed and uncultivated talent, and we need all the resources we can muster to continue building our outstanding organization. No one person can change the world, but everyone can make a difference. Can you do your share?

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Patti Tittle is a charter member of Legal Secretaries International Inc. and served as its first Treasurer, then as Vice President, before being elected as President. She is a certified Professional Legal Secretary. She is a retired legal secretary who makes her home in Trinity, Texas.